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Do I have to follow a specific diet or eating plan while taking Skinny Fiber?
You do not need to follow a particular plan but you do need to listen to your body. You may eat your favorite foods, but less of it and Skinny Fiber helps with that. Many of us eat large portion sizes out of habit and continue eating even after we are full. This is harmful as it affects our body’s metabolism rate which can lead to several diseases.
If you choose more natural unprocessed foods then this will of course increase the benefits and results you get from Skinny Fiber.

If you’d like to follow a certain diet, then Skinny Fiber will compliment it, especially low carb. Skinny Fiber’s unique blend of ingredients may help you stick to a certain eating plan through feeling satisfied with smaller portions and reducing cravings.

It will not work if you take Skinny Fiber and continue to excessively overeat on unhealthy processed foods regardless of how full you are feeling and expect Skinny Fiber to be a miracle cure. This isn’t going to get you results you want as the supplement will be fighting a losing battle with your continued unhealthy eating habits. Skinny Fiber is a tool.

How many capsules come in a bottle? 120

How long does a bottle last? Each bottle is a one month’s supply, taking 4 pills per day, 2 capsules before your two largest meals of the day.

Do You Offer Free Samples? There are no samples with Skinny Fiber since it works in a different way than those diet pills that have stimulants. Samples would not allow you to see the results. Skinny Fiber first starts working on the issues that are slowing the metabolism down, by correcting the body naturally and preparing it for weight loss–that is done by the detox that takes place in the first few days or even weeks. The more off balance the body is, the longer it will take to see weight loss. Have had several that said they began to notice the weight or inch loss at the very end of the first bottle. That is why we have the 30 day empty bottle guarantee on 1 bottle orders and a 90 day guarantee on the bigger packs!!!

When is the best time for you to consider Skinny Fiber? You can take Skinny Fiber in different doses at the times of the day that suit you best. It is recommended that you take 2 Skinny Fiber capsules, twice daily, 30 – 60 minutes before your 2 largest meals of the day (eg. Lunch & Dinner or breakfast & dinner). We are all different though and some people will find that a larger dose of 2 capsules 3 times a day or 3 capsules twice a day will make a huge difference to their results. Also, some will open them up and put them into things like yogurt, apple sauce, smoothies just to name a few.

Here are a few recommended programs: courtney11

2 capsules 2x a day:

2 capsules before lunch and 2 capsules before dinner.

Remember to drink a full 16oz bottle or glass of water with your Skinny Fiber.

6 capsules a day:

3 capsules first thing in the morning and 3 capsules early evening or…

2 capsules before breakfast, 2 capsules before lunch and 2 capsules before dinner.
Always with a full Bottle or glass of water.

You can change the times that you take Skinny Fiber to suit your routine/schedule.
For example, if you are very hungry mid-morning and mid-afternoon then take yours then.
If you are a late night snacker, take your dose mid-evening to curb those cravings.
The important thing is to be consistent and make sure you take them regularly every day.

How should I take Skinny Fiber? You will need to drink at least 12 oz of water with it. This is a fiber product so you may experience bloating if you are not drinking enough water with it. Be sure that your water intake is at least 67 oz (2 liters) a day or even more if you can manage it. I personally try to drink 6-8 16oz bottles of water every day! Many of us don’t get our required intake of water every day and I can’t stress enough how effective it is to drink the necessary water daily, especially when taking the extra fiber.
Many people find taking the capsules with lukewarm water and lemon first thing in the morning also boosts their results. Lemon water has many benefits including: Aids digestion, Cleans system, Reduces inflammation, Gives you an energy boost.
(please make sure the water is lukewarm and not hot so that the capsules don’t dissolve in your mouth).

Does everyone experience a detox effect? It depends on your current state of health, you may experience different levels of detox when you first start taking Skinny Fiber. Some people need to go through this detox stage before they start to see the weight coming off and some will see inch loss first. Skinny Fiber works hard to improve your health from the inside out so your body will in turn let go of the fat that it has held on to for so long. Just keep up the high water intake you will soon start seeing the benefits.

How long does it take Skinny Fiber to work? Skinny Fiber is not a quick fix weight loss product (there is no such thing by the way). It first works to get our bodies healthy enough to let go of fat, and it can take several weeks to start seeing results for some people, but that process is necessary. This varies from person to person depending on your state of health before you started taking Skinny Fiber, and perfectly normal. If you are toxic from eating unhealthy, the environment, etc.. and have digestion problems or other underlying health issues, it will take a little while to restore your body’s balance. Fat can be stored as a way of protecting the body and once your overall health improves, your body will feel comfortable letting go of the fat. Skinny Fiber first starts working on the issues that are causing us to not lose weight and slowing the metabolism down, by correcting the body naturally and preparing it for weight loss–that is done by the detox that takes place in the first few days or even weeks. The more off balance the body is, the longer it will take to see weight loss. Some see results within a week or 2 and have had several that said they began to notice the weight or inch loss at the very end of the first bottle or into the 2nd bottle, that’s why I like to encourage the 90 day challenge.

I still feel hungry even when I take Skinny Fiber as directed, what should I do? This may be occurring for a few reasons. Firstly, you may be dehydrated. Dehydration can cause us to feel a false hunger and since you are taking a fiber supplement it is even more important to ensure you have plenty of water / fluids. Drinking plenty of water will ensure that the Glucomannan expands to full capacity in your stomach.

Another reason is that your digestive health may not be good when you first start taking Skinny Fiber.
Be consistent every day, because this supplement is having a positive effect on your health! Be patient and keep going because once more healing has taken place in your body, your appetite should reduce and you should start to see your weight decreasing.

I can’t stress how effective water is, as many of us don’t drink enough water even without taking the extra fiber.
Many people have taken the capsules with lukewarm water and lemon first thing in the morning and found that it also boosts their results. Also, some open the capsules up and put them in things like oatmeal, yogurt, applesauce, smoothies, etc…

Does Skinny Fiber give you the jitters? Skinny Fiber does not contain caffeine or any other ingredients that give users the ‘jitters’. Skinny Fiber is all natural, which works to restore your body’s digestive health. It helps to reduce your appetite and gently boosts your metabolism to promote healthy, natural weight loss over time.

Can I take Skinny Fiber while I am Pregnant or Breast Feeding? Take a list of the ingredients –> http://www.skinnybodycare.com/images/labelLargeNew.jpg to consult your Doctor if breast feeding, we have many that have been cleared to use Skinny Fiber while still breastfeeding and is usually safe for mom and baby. If you are pregnant it is advised that you stop taking Skinny Fiber once you discover you are pregnant and also consult your Doctor. If they do not give the approval to take it while pregnant, keep in mind that your Skinny Fiber intake can be resumed afterwards as a great supplement to help get your post baby body back in shape.

Is Skinny Fiber gluten free? Yes, this all natural product is Gluten Free. Vegetarian Capsules are available in some locations upon request!

Does Skinny Fiber have any side effects? Skinny Fiber is not like any other weight loss product–no caffeine or other stimulants. No chemicals that can cause side effects. So, we have had any reports of negative side effects due to the use of Skinny Fiber as of yet. Some individuals may notice increased bowel movements and gas at first due to the increase in fiber and detoxifying effect on the body depending on the state of their digestive health when they start taking the skinny fiber. If this happens, we suggest that you drink more water, so it will pass quickly. These effects are usually short lived once the body gets used to the increased fiber and your digestive health starts to improve.

After I am done taking Skinny Fiber, will I gain my weight back? Most people don’t. Although, many people stay on Skinny Fiber after they have met their weight loss goals due to the health benefits they personally experienced while taking Skinny Fiber. The longer you have been on Skinny Fiber the better. Why? Because Skinny Fiber detoxed your body, cleaned out the toxins and re-balanced your hormones creating a body that was “ready” to lose weight. However, with Skinny Fiber or any weight loss regimen, if you go back to eating junk and drinking calories you WILL gain back weight. You cannot go back to bad eating and drinking habits and think that the weight is going to stay off. After being on Skinny Fiber for a while, it should have retrained your brain to become in tune to your body’s needs- into only needing smaller portions at meal times, and eating more throughout the day in order to keep your metabolism going and your blood sugars level.

Is there a money back guarantee? Yes, there is a 30 money back guarantee on 1 bottle orders and a 90 day guarantee on the bigger packs. Money-back-gurantee-image-150x103

** I would also like to suggest to not purchase Skinny Fiber from Amazon, Ebay or any other third party. You will get the 100% real Skinny Fiber from authorized distributor only. There are no product guarantee from purchases made on those sites. You will get 30 days or 90 days money back guarantee (depending on which pack you choose) only when you buy skinny fiber through a distributor’s like myself.
Please stay safe. We have had reports from people who bought from Ebay or Amazon who didn’t get the real Skinny Fiber and ended up very sick. Buying from a Skinny Fiber distributor, you can rest assure that it will be coming from the company Skinny Body Care!

How do I sell Skinny Fiber? In order to sell Skinny Fiber and build residual income you will need to be a Distributor. To become a Distributor, simply visit our contact page, email us, let us know that you are interested in selling skinny fiber, and we will send you the website link to join.
Or, Once you order your Skinny Fiber, you can upgrade to become a distributor in your 90 Day Challenge Back Office. Simply click on the link in your 90 day challenge back office titled ”Become a Distributor. It’s a one-time $10 investment in your health and future!


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