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Win Prizes!

Win Prizes! by starting your 90 Day Challenge!!

EVERYONE deserves to be happy and healthy. We believe it’s never too late to get your body back, and we are committed to helping you make that happen!

While each person has different weigh loss goals, achieving those goals is always the number one priority. Our goal for this challenge is to see how many people can LOSE 20 POUNDS in 90 Days with the SKINNY BODY MAX 90 DAY WEIGHT LOSS CHALLENGE.


Here are the rules:
1. Take a picture of yourself TODAY and write down how much you weigh.
2. Commit to using Skinny Body Max twice a day for the next 90 days
3. Weigh yourself each week and record it in your Weight Loss Tracker available from your Skinny Body Care Distributor upon joining.

That’s it. Let Skinny Body Max do the rest. On your 90th day, we want to see how many people achieved their goals, how many people lost 20 pounds or more, and who lost the most.



And as if melting away pounds and looking absolutely amazing were not reward enough, we’re making it even MORE EXCITING.

1. Anyone who accomplishes the challenge and loses 20 pounds in 90 Days will get an awesome Skinny Body Care T Shirt and a Certificate of Achievement they can frame and be proud of.
2. The 3 people who lose the most in any 90 Day Period by the end of 2016 will each receive a $1,000 CASH BONUS on top of all the other exciting awards.
Remember, this is on the honor system. So please be honest and let’s HAVE FUN LOSING WEIGHT the HEALTHY way with Skinny Body Max and Skinny Body Care!

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To JOIN as a Customer to take the Challenge:
1. Go to
2. Watch the short video that gives more information on the Challenge.
3. Click on the “Join The Skinny Body Max 90 Day Challenge” link at the bottom.
4. Order your Skinny Body Max and Get Started Today!
To JOIN as a Distributor to take the Challenge and get paid to lose weight:
1. Join by going to Join my Team!
2. Watch the short video that gives more information on the Challenge.
3. Click on the “Join The Skinny Body Max 90 Day Challenge” link at the bottom.
4. Order your Skinny Body Max by clicking JOIN.
Note- It costs a onetime $10 fee to become a distributor. You can do this part time or full time the choice is yours.

1 bottle = $59.95 US plus S/H
2 bottles with 1 free = $119.85 US ($39.95 per bottle) plus S/H
3 bottles with 3 free = $179.70 US ($29.95 per bottle) plus S/H

Delivery time:
5-10 business days in the U.S.
10-30 business days for international orders depending on the country.
Available almost everywhere worldwide!

Let’s make this FUN! Remember the more the merrier so INVITE friends to JOIN the challenge with you. Start earning money while losing weight and getting healthy! It’s a win-win combination!!
Contact Me for More Information!

*Note- You must post your starting weight and ending weight along with before and after photos in the tracker. You MUST use Skinny Body Max to participate. The most weight loss and body transformation documented in 90 Days WINS the Top Prize. All photos, testimonials, and videos submitted automatically give Skinny Body Care the rights to use in future ads, promotions, and marketing without compensation.

Check out my website there is a video tha explains how it works and why it is different than anything else you may have tried. 90 day money back guarantee on our package deals!

Buy 3 Get 3 FREE!!!

Order your Skinny Fiber or Skinny Body Max Eat Less Feel Full Lose Weight

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